Luxury, light. Gold, OIL.

A precious treasure chest that holds a journey for a few

This is not a box: it’s a shell containing an invisible world. And I am the guide who will lead you – with your eyes closed – to discover this world.

You learn to see when you learn to feel: with your tongue, with your nose, with the words I will use to depict a world you have never seen. A world that is not for everyone.

Extra virgin olive oil, one of the products we think we know everything about, but in reality…

Twelve years ago I entered the world of olive oil tasting and a universe of aromas captured my heart. Since then this passion has grown and lead me to organize tasting courses and to create my own panel of professional tasters. I’ve since become an established sensory analyst, president of the international Leon d’Oro, the oldest and most exclusive international competition dedicated to olive oil.  

My profession is based not only on study but on travelling to discover a hidden world and an army of heroic producers working hard to refine the science of crafting the best extra virgin olive oil, while carrying out the task of safeguarding our biodiversity. 

The treasure locked in this box is the fruit of their work and it smells of freshly cut grass, of soft green almonds, of the first leaves of a tomato plant and the heart of an autumn artichoke. A adventure laced with aromas that, as with any adventure, change you. These aromas enter us without asking for permission, bringing back memories and emotions. And when the journey is over, when you open your eyes are return from this rare adventure you will realize that you have just explored a small part of your soul.

You will find all of this in a precious box, that smells of wood and of sap.

The theme of the first EvokeBox ? “The vibration of chlorophyll, the blood of nature”

This is not a tasting, it’s the first step in a voyage that begins with the green and brilliant aroma of tree sap. With the flavour of an unbridled energy that chomps at the bit and shakes the earth as it awakens.

For 2 people tasting: 10 different samples (2 internationals included), 20 compostable cups with cover, 1 homemade glass in accordance with COI rules, 2 hours on-line with me

On line live experience with max 12 people

EvokeBox is a project, 3 boxes a year, always different. Few numbered boxes only.